Prevention and Support

Colbert County Schools believes in a proactive approach to education.  As a result, the school system has adopted the Response to Instruction (RtI) Model.  RtI is based on a three-tiered model that allows educators to utilize research-based instructional practices and strategies to promote successful learning.  The school system has a team known as the District Problem Solving Team (DPST).  The purpose of the DPST is to train and provide assistance to each school in the district.  Each school in the district has a team known as the School Problem Solving Team (SPST).  The purpose of the SPST is to design and implement plans for students to achieve success.

  Wade Turberville  
Dr. Gale Satchel
Federal Programs Director

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Brooke Cunningham
Federal Programs

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Wade Turberville
Deputy Superintendent
504 & RtI Director

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