Clubs and Organizations

Last Updated: 11/4/2019 7:21 PM


4-H meets with the fifth grade once a month at Leighton Elementary School. Mrs. Campbell leads the 4H program, and our students participate in writing essays, designing posters, and competing in local competitions with area schools.



Student Council

The Student Council consists of students in grades 4-6 that write an essay describing why they would be a helpful member of the Leighton Elementary Student Council. These students help assist with Retired Teacher lunches, guiding visitors around LES, fundraisers to benefit the school, and with the announcements each morning on the School News Live.



The Parent/Teacher Organization at LES has recently been renamed "TASOP." Each month, teachers and students work together to come up with a service project to help the community or local organizations. Here are examples of what we do each month:

August/September- Back to school parent meeting where teachers showed powerpoint on the importance of homework and how important it is for children to be present at school daily. Parents were able to walk around the school and view student work samples as well as introduce themselves to teachers.

October/November- The school will host Fall Fun Day and a Veterans' Day program.

December/January- Students and teachers will collect macaroni for a local food bank. 

February/March- Fourth Grade students will honor African Americans by presenting a Black History Program.

April - Students will present a Spring Musical Program.