What outside services do we provide?

We are fortunate to be able to provide a variety of services for our students.

1.  Riverbend Counseling:  A counselor from Riverbend comes to our school and meets with students one-on-one, to address needs with individual students.

2.  The Healing Place:  A counselor from the Healing Place, a grief counseling center in Muscle Shoals, comes in and meets with students who have been affected by the deaths of loved ones.

3.  Safeplace:  Safeplace comes in and presents information to students on various topics that are relevant to students today.

4.  Riverbend Prevention:  A branch of Riverbend Counseling comes to meet with 5th and 6th grade students to discuss communication, cell phone etiquette, social media, and various other topics that are vital for adolescents transitioning to their teenage years in today's society.

5.  Sydney's Safe: We are proud to receive and provide resources from Sydney's Safe, for students and families in need of extra food support throughout the school year.