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What services do we offer through the school?

On campus, as the counselor, I provide services to our students in several ways.

1.  Individual Counseling:  As the counselor, I offer individual counseling sessions to students as needed.  In some cases, I may meet with students one or two times, as issues and situations arise they need to work through.  In other cases, I meet with students one to two times a week, keeping up with progress and improvement of situations students are facing, addressing needs and issues in the comfort zone of the school.

2.  Classroom Guidance:  I go into each classroom and present information to classes about academics, personal and social skills, and careers.  I also address substance use, relationships with family and friends, and making good choices.

3.  Group Counseling:  As needed, I will offer group counseling for students with similar situations to discuss their feelings and work through situations together.