Parent and Guardian Support

As the school counselor, I am not just here for the students.  I am a tool and resource for all of you, to help you through any challenges or hardships you may face with your student. I want to celebrate the good and help you through the bad! 

Sometimes, life just happens.  It can throw us a curveball that we are not sure how to handle.  As needs arise, please feel free to contact me.  By letting me know what a student is going through, I can better provide the appropriate resources the student needs here at school.  Sometimes, an encouraging word or an extra ear to listen is all a student needs to feel better about a situation.  But, sometimes, more intense and involved situations might need some of our outside resources, to help you and your student work through situations.  Either way, I am a support and resource for you.

I want to help you provide the best possible resources for your student that we have available.  We can work together to esablish a plan for your student or discuss alternative options, to get your student through life's struggles and hardships.

Together, we can work through your student's needs!